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Custom Training Plans To Crush Personal Records

Running is a simple sport, but the path to success can be complex. Generic training plans found in books or online resources often lead to injury because they are unable to fit an individual’s unique needs. Nonspecific plans are not monitored, adjusted, or thoughtfully progressed by a professional and prevent athletes from discovering their personal potential. Coach Scott takes the guesswork out of your training. A custom training plan with personalized workouts designed for you and your life help you become your best. Programs include running workouts and non-running workouts with carefully thought-out intensity and volume designed for your needs. Let an experienced coach help you become your best runner.

Custom Training Plans for the Mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon

Run Faster. Run Farther.

Run Faster. Run Farther.

Don't just run. Aim for the bullseye of your goals. Our handcrafted custom training plans allow athletes to do this. Each workout is designed specifically for the individual and all workouts fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. The amount of intensity, volume, and recovery is precisely targeted so our athletes get the most out of every mile run. We only live once so achieve your goals and have no regrets.


You will waste all of your hard work during training if you don't have a hydration, fueling and pacing plan on race day. Our athletes go into their races with a plan of action. In running and in life, have the right plan and execute it on the big day. There's nothing more rewarding than crossing the finish line knowing you did your best. Race day execution is a must if you are going to maximize your speed, stamina and endurance.




Running is one of the purest forms of freedom. An athlete who has to stop his training because of injuries loses the freedom that running provides us with. That's why we prioritize the importance of injury prevention and we help our athletes run injury-free. Without the ability to run, you have no shot at achieving your goals. By being healthy you have more days, weeks, and months to train. Keep this freedom and you give yourself a shot. You are free to achieve your goals.


Step 1. Coach Scott Designs Your Plan

Step 1. Coach Scott Designs Your Plan

We design custom training plans with workouts precisely targeted for your specific needs. Don't waste your time with a one-size-fits-all workout. Let us tailor fit your plan.

Step 2. Your Plan is Monitored and Adjusted by Coach Scott

Our training log syncs with your GPS watch or app so it's easy to upload your data. We provide up-to-date, personalized information to help guide you through nutrition, hydration, and recovery, ensuring your success for the finish line and beyond.
Step 2. Your Plan is Monitored and Adjusted by Coach Scott
Step 3. You Run Personal Records, Repeatedly

Step 3. You Run Personal Records, Repeatedly

Obliterate personal records. Don't just cross the finish, accelerate your aspirations. Coach Scott will be there to get you past the next mile marker, and even further than you've ever imagined.


Ricky Frasier
“A year ago an acquaintance of mine qualified for the Boston Marathon. I inquired how he trained and discovered he was training with Team All-American. I followed suit and qualified for Boston on my very first marathon. The plan works!”

– Ricky Frasier

Mandy Northcutt
“The running workouts I receive each week are customized specifically for me and my goals. As my training progresses, or if something changes along the way, Coach Scott makes adjustments so that I can get the most out of each run. This has been a big help because it takes the guess work out of my training.”

– Mandy Northcutt

Sarah Rice
“I never enjoyed or thought much of cross training. Coach made these workouts precise but more importantly, fun and interesting. I now view custom workouts in a whole new way.”

– Sarah Rice

Henrik Wist
“As a working dad with a wife, two kids, two cats and some occasional travel thrown in the mix it is important to me that my training schedule is adjusted to my needs. Only a custom plan from a coach with a quick response time can accomplish that. Scott is accessible to react even on short notice and I can rest assured that I get the optimal use of my time available.”

– Henrik Wist

Jill Quaglino
“A coach as a resource is invaluable with the wealth of knowledge they possess. And Coach Scott has been an amazing resource for me. I wouldn’t be the runner I am today without him!”

– Jill Quaglino

Jenna McHugh
Scott’s coaching is a significant value. He goes beyond just creating running custom plans; he also includes nutrition consultations, strength training plans, and racing tips. Every time I speak with Scott, I gain more knowledge and become a better athlete. He is a master at overall wellness. He is a total fitness guru and his costs are very affordable based upon what I have received in return.

– Jenna McHugh