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Train Smart

Generic workouts cause injuries. Template training plans lead to disappointments. If you are not following a custom training program designed by an educated and experienced professional, you are settling for less than your best. You deserve more. Take your running to the next level.


Your goals. Your workouts. Your success. We customize everything to your needs.


If the most genetically gifted athletes need a coach, everyone does. It's not about winning a gold medal at the Olympics. It's about becoming your best.

Take Your Running To The Next Level

Targeted Training

Targeted Training

A direct hit on your running and athletic prowess.


True results come from being a part of something bigger than yourself.
Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching

Learn the most effective strategies for lifelong results.
Elite Athlete Mindset

Elite Athlete Mindset

Install new data and make all other obsolete.


Masterfully build your physique.


Training smart is the catalyst to a whole new future.


Henrik Wist (18 Personal Records with TAA)
"I have to thank Coach Scott Fishman for the spot-on preparation, again and again."

– Henrik Wist (18 Personal Records with TAA)

Drew Griffin (4 Personal Records with TAA)
"Training smart through Coach Scott's guidance has calmed all wondering if I'm running too fast, too slow, too often, or not enough. Training smart is the catalyst to everything."

– Drew Griffin (4 Personal Records with TAA)

Mandy Gloyeske (11 Personal Records with TAA)
"You took me from an injured runner to running further and faster than ever before without any pain. I’ve PR’d in every distance I’ve raced- 2 marathons, 2 halves, 3 mile races, and too many 5Ks to count."

– Mandy Gloyeske (11 Personal Records with TAA)

John E Hewitt (8 Personal Records with TAA)
"I have been guided on the right path of training effectively through the training plans and valuable guidance from Coach Scott. I have remained injury free."

– John E Hewitt (8 Personal Records with TAA)

Jennifer James (New athlete)
I went from ground zero at Thanksgiving (post ACL, MCL, Meniscus surgery) to 11 miles today. If I can do it - you can do it too.

– Jennifer James (New athlete)

Andrea White (2 Personal Records)
No IT band pain and loved every minute of it. Thanks for your fearless leading as I continue to progress and work.

– Andrea White (2 Personal Records)

Maximum Peak Performance

Getting Started Strategy Session

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We will talk on the telephone for 30 minutes and I will lay out the whole plan showing you how we will slowly make you progress and minimize the risk of injury. I will break down how every physical change will affect you and how we will make adjustments along the way getting your whole body working in balance for maximum peak performance. And extending your running career.

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