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10 Ways To Use Meditation to Lose Weight

Running is not meditation.

Stretching is not meditation.

Yoga is not meditation.

Meditation is meditation, and it’s very simple: it’s doing nothing but focusing on your breath. When your monkey brain kicks in, as it does for everyone, just bring it back to the breath. That’s meditation.

Meditation has a number of uses for your daily life and it can even help you lose weight. I’m not suggesting it’s a magical cure. You need to start with a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, and daily movement. When all of this is in place, meditating regularly can help you lose weight faster and keep it off for good (as long as you keep up your other healthy habits). Here are some ways meditation will help you lose weight.

  1. Meditation sets the tone for the day. We all know that success is found in routine, especially a morning routine. By starting your day off with meditation, you have a clean slate and you will see an increase in daily success.
  2. Meditation teaches you to be mindful. Meditation teaches us to be in the moment. By being in the moment, we are better able to focus on the task at hand, whether that be our workout or our food choices. Being mindful can help us commit to finishing a workout and recognize an unhealthy sweet-tooth craving before we act on it. Treat every moment as your last - it’s never preparation for something else.
  3. Meditation helps you visualize. See yourself in the body you desire. Imagine it. Visualize your legs, core, upper body. Visualize your performance in workouts. Visualize your strength. Visualize a healthy diet and a well-balanced lifestyle. The mind is a powerful tool and visualization during meditation can help you believe in yourself and your healthy future.
  4. Meditation gives you positive vibrations. It’s possible to be too hard on yourself. Sometimes, harsh self-criticism can end up sabotaging results. Positivity is key on great days, but it’s even more important on not-so great days. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, words become actions. Speak to yourself with a positive tone. Positive self-talk can be achieved through meditation and it will help you lose weight.
  5. Meditation allows you to relax. Don’t create extra anxiety. Weight loss is hard enough without any additional stress. Relaxed doesn’t mean lazy. Get up and get after your goals as hard as possible, but do this in a relaxed way. Being stressed while trying to achieve goals only decreases your chances of turning those goals into a reality. Meditation helps you relax. Staying relaxed through the ups and downs of your journey will help you lose weight.
  6. Meditation can reinforce your positive behaviors. Some days you will execute everything as planned — your workout, your nutrition, and everything in between. Meditation will help you recognize when you have achieved this. By meditating on it, you will be more likely to repeat the positive behaviors until you achieve your weight loss goals. Then, reinforcing your positive behaviors will help you maintain your ideal weight.
  7. Meditation helps you overcome adversity. Weight loss is a journey that includes many ups and downs. When you face adversity, meditation will help you get centered and refocus your thoughts. Meditation helps you freely acknowledge that life is full of difficulties. Acknowledging the challenge will help you find the solution without getting caught up in small mistakes or “bad days.”
  8. Meditation encourages you to feel gratitude. Meditation helps us become more grateful. By being more in the moment, we are more likely to embrace the great people, places, and things that surround us. An attitude of gratitude is sure to create a better mindset for achieving any goal, especially weight loss goals. Be grateful, not hateful, of your body. Hating on your body will not speed up the process. You can lose weight and enjoy life at the same time.
  9. Meditation improves your lifestyle. We all know that diets don’t work. A well-balanced, healthy lifestyle does. By practicing meditation, you are incorporating a very important and positive element into your lifestyle. A better lifestyle means better health. When you do something, do it with your whole body and mind. Meditation will help you concentrate on what you do and do it completely.
  10. Meditation helps you sleep better. Meditation at night time is an outstanding way to improve your quality of sleep. And we all know how important sleep is for our physical and mental performance.

If you’ve never tried meditation, incorporate it into your routine for a few days and note the changes. It’s a powerful tool and I hope it helps you on your weight loss and life journey.

Yours in training,

Coach Scott Fishman

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