Team All-American

11 Year Anniversary

Today marks 11 years since we started this journey of helping athletes. On behalf of this milestone, I want to share with you 11(in no particular order) of the most common suggestions I have shared with my athletes over the years. Hope it helps you on your journey. Here they are:

1. Train smart. By training smart, I mean follow a custom training program designed, monitored and adjusted by a professional. Anything else is not training smart.

2. Focus on becoming your best. We are all on our own journey. Don't compare yourself to others. Just focus on doing all that you can do to become your best and everything has a way of falling into place.

3. Be aware of the excuses in your mind. We all have excuses. It's human nature. One of the best ways to overcome excuses is to learn how to be aware of when you start to give them. Be cognizant and pay close attention to your thoughts.

4. Mindful meditation. Don't overcomplicate it. Just sit and chill for ten minutes every day. Focus on the breath. When you go to monkey brain, just refocus on the breath. It's all about the breath. You don't need anything but yourself to do this.

5. Execute. Stick to your training program. One workout at a time. Aim for the bullseye. Not just the target.

6. Embrace the struggle. Losers quit when they face adversity. Winner rise up and work harder. The adversity is part of everyones journey. It's how you respond that determines how successful you will be.

7. Practice your mantra. All you need is a few positive words. Make it your mantra. Talk to yourself all day and repeat it as much as you possibly can. The mind is a powerful thing and self-talk makes a big difference in how we perform.

8. Be accountable to someone. Being accountable to a coach is not a weakness. It's a strength. The most motivated, successful people in the world have coaches. It leads to more consistency and helps keep us honest.

9. Get rid of toxic people. Who we surround ourselves with makes a big difference on our mentality in athletics and life. If people are draining you, cut them out. You deserve better. Instead, surround yourself with people that inspire you.

10. Build your team. It's important to have a team around you to help you. Doing it on your own will never get you to your potential. Have the courage to ask for help and be selective with who you bring onto your team. 

11. Do what you love. Life is short. Don't chase the money. Do what sets your soul on fire.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of our journey these past 11 years.


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