Team All-American

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

While we commonly think of “team” as a group of athletes all gathered in one place, team can actually mean so much more than this. Team All-American believes that a team is a group of people with individual goals who share a common mission.

Team, then, is actually a state of mind.

The focus of Team in Team All-American is to unite runners with a common purpose and passion for achieving athletic success and personal records.

Team All-American is a group of athletes spanning worldwide, all under the watchful guidance of Coach Scott. While training programs and goals vary from athlete to athlete, one thing is the same for each of Coach Scott’s athletes: the Team All-American spirit of “smart” work and steady improvement— any team can work hard, but not every team can work “smart.” A smart team does not mean that every athlete does the same thing everyday.

Rather, Team All-American is a group of individual athletes each following their own specific training program, while all working towards a common purpose.

Purpose is contagious!

Athlete-Coach As Team

Coach Scott believes that the most important element of Team All-American is the relationship—the teammate-ship— between coach and athlete.

Rather than embarking on the challenging and often confusing journey to peak fitness alone, Team All-American emphasizes the support system provided by Coach Scott to his athletes.

Coach Scott believes that a great coach-athlete team is one in which a Coach is able to bring out the best in the athlete.

Through specialized training programs, Coach Scott fosters a smart, positive, and highly effective running culture on his team that his athletes believe in. Belief is the first step to success.


Team All-American is comprised of athletes from across the globe, all united by their shared passion for fitness and achieving personal bests. The most valuable aspect about the team in Team All-American is its ability to inspire a culture of accountability.

By uniting the team through private Facebook groups, exclusive Team All-American e-mails, in-person race meet-ups, and other forms of interaction, Coach Scott ensures that all of his athletes feel a sense of connection and accountability not just to him, but to each other.

Plus, when the training gets hard, staying engaged with the running world through a globally connected team is the best way to stay inspired—to stay hungry for more! It is this sense of camaraderie on Team All-American that fosters a culture of positive energy and success.

Remember, success is contagious!

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