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Running is Physical and Mental

As much as we may think that dedicating 24 hours a day to training might make us the best athletes, there is actually quite a bit of growth that can be done off the track, roads, trails, treadmills, and outside of the weight room.

In order to be a great athlete, we must also be a student of the sport.

This is why Coach Scott provides his Team All-American athletes information and resources to help them succeed. Rather than thinking about running as just a sport, running becomes a lifestyle — and one that can be enhanced and bettered by focusing on the time we spend when we’re not actually running. This way, our evolution as athletes grows with our lives, rather than against it.

Being a champion means more than just finishing a race in first. Coach Scott believes that champion is a state of mind, and this enhancement happens in part through off-the-run enhancement.

In addition to putting work into our body, there is an equal opportunity to enhance that maturity through mental development. When a workout or race gets tough, it is usually mental fortitude, not just physical, which will carry us through.

Coach Scott encourages his athletes to embrace the mental side of running by providing them with critical resources to expand their scope of knowledge about running. Discovering our inner athlete starts with developing the vocabulary and knowledge to do so—one of Coach Scott’s favorite parts about coaching is sharing his wisdom about run-life balance and inspiration about the time we spend running and also time we spend outside of training.

Coach Scott is the most followed fitness expert in social media for a reason! He maintains a blog, and also shares his exclusive findings with his athletes through the Team All-American exclusive Facebook group, conference calls with team members, and one-on-one coaching with individual athletes. Coach Scott also sends his athletes information and articles specific to their mental barriers and strengths through face timing, text and email.

The goal of mental development is that the athlete feels equipped and prepared mentally to face the unexpected. Undoubtedly, there will be moments during our workouts or races when we feel uncertainty or adversity. If we can draw on material Coach Scott sends us from other runners’ experiences, double blind placebo studies, research articles, and 1-on-1’s with the best athletes in the world, we will become better athletes ourselves.

By developing our mental pathways during training with Team All-American, Coach Scott ensures that his athletes are prepared to face challenges with positivity and dynamism.

While physical training is key, staying informed about training is just as crucial. The first step to staying healthy, for example, is learning about staying healthy. A major component of Team All-American is staying informed about nutrition, injury prevention, strength, mobility, and recovery.

Especially because research about such information is constantly changing and evolving, Coach Scott makes sure his athletes are up to date on the latest findings. As an authority of the sport, he takes the time to conduct research so his athletes don’t have to sort through the countless plethora of information in magazines and online. With the ability to just focus on their workouts, athletes are better able to stay in the moment when training. This, in turn, brings out a greater love of the sport for Coach Scott’s athletes.

After all, conditioning and health is about optimizing our time spent running and not running.

Running is not a new sport, but new information about running can only help an athlete stay healthier longer. Coach Scott believes in the running journey—that is, an athlete’s boundless performance rests upon being the best-prepared and most-informed athlete on the start line.

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