Team All-American

Run For Life

Team All-American emphasizes big picture thinking and strives for long term success.

Long term success starts with staying healthy and training smart, two of the guiding principles of Coach Scott’s custom coaching philosophy.

It isn’t enough to show up to the workout ready to go, but ignore recovery, or to spend all of our time reading about running but not enough time actually running. As we progress as individual athletes climbing towards our optimal fitness, applying all the facets of running to our routine and keeping the long-term in mind is key. Our small athletic achievements and peaks are important, but it is the whole journey that will allow us to achieve our full potential.

At Team All-American, runners achieve success at the highest level by embarking on a process that encompasses all the facets of being a great athlete—mental fitness, physical fitness, and an on-the-run and off-the-run focus.

The Team not only reaches athletes worldwide and from all fitness levels, but also guarantees individualized programs that keep athletes thriving and climbing towards success over a long period of time— for the long run.

This long-term mentality not only makes us better and healthier athletes, but also more fulfilled people! Team All-American athletes can enjoy their successes as well as their journey to success. Team All-American is a group of athletes who are inspired by others and also inspired by their own hard work and achievements.

Running personal records and progressing as athletes is entirely possible with the right program and mindset. Just as Team All-American has been around for over nine years strong, so do the Team All-American athletes see success over the long run.

Jump on the long-run train with Team All-American to feel what the long-run can do for you.

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