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Navigating the Course Part 1 - Brooklyn, 59th Street Bridge



The energy in Brooklyn will be rocking and rolling! You are going to feel like a superstar when you run through Brooklyn, and it’s an experience you’ll remember your entire life. The best part about this section of the race, is that it lasts a long time. You get to really soak up the NYC experience! And it is still really early in the race, so you’ll feel great too! 

Your focus and patience will be tested. Remain as calm as possible and hone in on your goal pace. No matter how great you feel, do not run faster than your goal marathon pace! Check your watch or GPS regularly. If you find yourself running faster, slow down immediately! Even if it feels easy--you may feel on top of the world. You may feel like you’ve never felt in your entire life. It will probably be because of the unique Brooklyn environment. But it will cause great pain later if you run too fast through Brooklyn. Embrace the moment by taking it nice and slow and sticking to your pace plan.

You Can Beat the 59th Street Bridge!

You’ve made it through the long stretch of Brooklyn, and now you’re approaching your halfway mark of the NYC Marathon. You can see the 59th Street bridge in the distance. Don’t be like everyone else who fears the bridge. Instead see it as a time to recover because that is exactly what it is. Slow down up the bridge, and don’t falsely convince yourself that this bridge will kill you. In fact, it can actually be the easiest part of the race, because you begin to run uphill after a long, flat stretch in Brooklyn. That means different muscles are being recruited to work for you. Running over the bridge should not be any harder than any other section of your race. If you feel great do not start running fast up the bridge. Anytime you think you are making it up, you will lose it in the long haul.

As a heads up, your GPS will probably lose signal on the bridge. Don’t worry if your pace is 1-to 3 minutes slower than your goal pace. You have to run by feel here, and this is where you need to tap into a snail’s pace--S L O W! 

Next Up--Navigating the Course, Part 2 and the Finish Line

Yours in training,

Coach Scott Fishman

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