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Questions Every Runner Should Ask

Hi Athletes,

Hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

After 17 years of coaching athletes, I have learned firsthand that nearly every athlete is well aware of what they need to sacrifice in order to achieve their biggest goal. Just be honest with yourself and you hold the answers.


The difference between falling short of your goals and reaching your potential lies in the ability to answer the following question with an honest YES.

Are you willing to make all of the necessary sacrifices to achieve your biggest goal?

You and only you hold the answer. 

It's either no or yes.

If you answered no, this blog is not for you. 

If you answered yes, make sure you keep on reading.

But that's not it...

The following are some other questions that all overachieving runners are able to answer with absolute certainty. However, the answer to ALL of these questions is an honest NO.

Are you following a...

1. Cookie cutter running schedule? NO!

2. Fake custom running schedule (commonly found in books, through apps, and downloadable on websites)? NO!

3. Program designed by an Uncertified Coach? NO!

4. Program designed by an Inexperienced Coach (even if they were an Olympic Gold Medalist with a 10 pack abs)? NO!

5. Program NOT designed by a human? NO!

And in all of my years of coaching athletes at every level, in addition to the best certifications and degrees, I have never seen an athlete that reaches their potential  being "self-coached."


Generic workouts are for people aiming for average. They will get you injured eventually if they have not already. They will not get you anywhere near what you are capable of achieving.

The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our performance. No athlete becomes their best on their own. The people you surround yourself with are an absolute necessity to help you reach your potential. 

Training smart is the catalyst to everything.

Scott Fishman

Coach of Team All-American since 2006

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