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Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Never Happen

I am all about goals. Setting SMART goals are a key to success, and I am a firm believer in how they greatly influence the chances of our success in running and in life. That said, I am NOT a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. The reason is simple. They are usually not SMART goals. 

*Here is what you need to do to make your New Year’s goals (or resolutions, if you must) come true:

Specific goals are more likely to succeed than broad, general goals. To help you get started on a specific goal look at the who, what, when, where, which, and why of what you want to accomplish. Move from something general like “Get in shape this year” to “Hire a coach to prepare for my first 5K.”

Measurable goals truly help you stay on track in progress.

Attainable goals allow you to accomplish great things step-by-step, line-upon-line. Wise planning is key here.

Realistic goals represent what you are really willing and able to work toward. A goal can be both and realistic.

Timely means a goal must have a time frame in order for your subconscious to kick into gear and propel you toward success, otherwise you won’t see the end from the beginning, and that is a huge blow to morale and energy. “T” can also stand for Tangible. When your goal is tangible you have a better chance of making it specific and measurable and consequently, attainable.

SMART goals work. Resolutions work if they are SMART goals. Simple as that. Is it possible to achieve success without having smart goals? Yes. But those who follow us on social media and our blog know that we are about maximizing potential. Why be good when you can be great?

What would you like to accomplish in 2017?

Start with writing down SMART goals.

And then do the next thing that most people fail to do… EXECUTE. Every. One.

Yours in training,

Coach Scott Fishman

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Jan 03, 2017 • Posted by Gil Fishman

Good info to get started!!!

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