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What is Mindful Running?


Regular running and mindful running are very different. The mind-body connection is what makes them different. The mind and the body are not separate. Mindful running is the practice of being profoundly aware of what your mind and body are doing together. It’s being mindful while you run.

When you run, mindfully, you are not just putting one foot in front of the other. As a mindful runner, you visualize yourself running, breathing deeply, clearly in touch with your thoughts and feelings as the propelling motion comes from not just your legs but also from deep inside you.

Most people go about their running closed off or disconnected from their surroundings. They keep their heads down, uninterested in deviating from the safety of their autopilot style of running. Actually, the opposite allows your mind to expand to its potential. Engage your powers of observation and curiosity when you run. Keep your mind open to new sights and observe nature or the environment where you run. The energy created by taking in such surroundings with your senses literally boosts your overall physical power.

Here are some questions to think about…

What do you hear on your run?

What do you see on your run?

What do you smell on your run?

What do you feel on your run?

What do you taste on your run?

In everything you do, not only running, regularly ask yourself these questions to stay connected with your inner consciousness.

Pay enough attention to your surroundings that they become part of the running experience instead of a distraction.

By practicing mindful running, mindfulness will become a habit in other areas of your life.

This kind of intense focus improves performance and even leads to better health. The human brain is always evolving. It does this when it is given a mental challenge, such as mindful running.

Practice mindfulness in everything you do.

Challenge your mind today and embrace the moment.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing. Do it!

Run mindfully. Live mindfully.

Yours in training,

Coach Scott Fishman

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