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Best-Prepared Runners

We encourage our athletes to embrace the mental side of running by providing them with critical resources to expand their scope of knowledge about running. Discovering our inner athlete starts with developing the vocabulary and knowledge to do so.

We send our athletes information specific to sports psychology of running through face timing, text and email.

The goal of mental development is that the athlete feels equipped and prepared mentally to face the unexpected. Undoubtedly, there will be moments during our workouts or races when we feel uncertainty or adversity. If our athletes can draw on material from other runners’ experiences, double blind placebo studies, research articles, and 1-on-1’s with the best athletes in the world, they will become better athletes.


While physical and mental training is key, staying informed about training is just as crucial. The first step to staying healthy, for example, is learning about staying healthy. A major component of our coaching is keeping our athletes informed about nutrition, injury prevention, strength, mobility, and recovery.

Especially because research about such information is constantly changing and evolving, we make sure our athletes are up to date on the latest findings. 

Running is not a new sport, but new information about running can only help an athlete stay healthier longer. We believe in the running journey—that is, an athlete’s boundless performance rests upon being the best-prepared and most-informed athlete on the start line.

With the ability to just focus on their workouts, athletes are better able to stay in the moment when training. This, in turn, brings out a greater love of the sport for our athletes.