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About Scott Fishman

At Team All-American, I am the coach. Your personal coach.

Raised in an active family, I learned that a balanced, healthy lifestyle leads to long-term wellness. I played competitive basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, football, baseball, team handball and ultimate frisbee. My family is still very active to this day. At 70, my dad still runs full-court basketball with guys in their 20’s, and my 63-year-old mother is one of the fittest people in the gym. Growing up, my older brother challenged me in sports, and I learned about testing my comfort zone. As a result I found a love for weight training and running.

Over the past two decades or so, I noticed that many athletes had big dreams but usually didn’t know how to train beyond average to make them a reality. I was once one of those people and decided to spend my life learning about human performance so that others could benefit from my lifelong studies and experimentation. As early as high school, I worked with athletes one-on-one and realized I could probably do this for the rest of my life and love it!
    However, my real experience has come from building relationships with athletes and others in the fitness industry. I have learned from some of the best athletes, trainers, and coaches in the world. 

    Found out it was all about training smarter.

    With a positive, zen-like approach, I do my best to truly inspire and encourage, not micromanage. Part of training smarter is avoiding injuries in your sport, so I specialize in injury prevention. I’ve worked with athletes from recreational to professional levels, with a proven track record for helping runners stay healthy and succeed. I have coached coaches, trained trainers and assisted athletes toward ultimate performance from sprints to ultra marathons. I have a constant hunger for absorbing the scientific progress and the latest innovations in sports technology to improve athletic performance.

    Using dynamic technology and custom fitness plans, I also guide athletes through nutrition, hydration, and recovery to ensure success at the finish line. My mission is to make the world a better place by helping people become happier by attaining their goals, not just thinking about them.

    It’s time to stop thinking about that new personal best and start doing something about it but need to be committed. You must be ALL IN. 

    Join me in your quest for ultimate performance at Team All-American.

    -Scott Fishman, Founder of Team All-American