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Custom Training Programs

We are rooted in the idea of a team of individualsThat is, the group is united through a commitment to training smart becoming our best, and each athlete has his/her own unique training plan.

We customize our training plans to the lifestyles and schedules of each of our athletes.

We believe that running can and should fit in with your life, not work against it. 

For a sport that is undoubtedly as mental as it is physical, finding a training plan that works uniquely with the athlete can make all the difference.


As much as we may think that dedicating 24 hours a day to training might make us the best athletes, there is actually quite a bit of growth that can be done off the track, roads, trails, treadmills, and outside of the weight room.

Being a champion means more than just finishing a race in first. We believe that champion is a state of mind, and this enhancement happens in part through off-the-run enhancement.

In order to be a great athlete, we must also be a student of the sport.

This is why we provide our athletes information and resources to help them succeed. Rather than thinking about running as just a sport, running becomes a lifestyle — and one that can be enhanced and bettered by focusing on the time we spend when we’re not actually running. This way, our evolution as athletes grows with our lives, rather than against it.

At Team All-American, our athletes achieve success at the highest level by embarking on a process that encompasses all the facets of being a great athlete—physical fitness, mental fitness, and an on-the-run and off-the-run focus.