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Our Culture

While we commonly think of “team” as a group of athletes all gathered in one place, team can actually mean so much more than this. Team All-American believes that a team is a group of people with individual goals who share a common mission. 

Rather, Team All-American is a group of individual athletes each following their own specific training program, while all working towards a common purpose.

Team, then, is actually a state of mind. 


The most important element of Team All-American is the relationship—the teammate-ship— between runner and coach.

We believe that a great runner-coach team is one in which a Coach is able to bring out the best in the runner.


Plus, when the training gets hard, staying engaged with the running world through a globally connected team is the best way to stay inspired—to stay hungry for more! It is this sense of camaraderie on Team All-American that fosters a culture of positive energy and success.

Through specialized training programs, we foster a smart, positive, and highly effective running culture on our team that our athletes believe in.