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Coach Scott Fishman

"Through the early years of my athletic career I learned that in order to really succeed I need a coach. Someone who holds me accountable, motivates me and shares knowledge with me. Now, at almost 44 years old, father of two, I'm in my third year of working together with Scott. He has guided me to run my first marathon in 2015, qualify for the Boston Marathon in my second ever Marathon and has led me to a multitude of personal bests (at last count I had PRs in 15 of 17 races, no DNFs). Scott adjusts the training program around my available time, and I love that it's taxing and smart at the same time. In 2017 I have two major marathons on the race plan, Boston in April and Berlin in September." - Henrik Wist, 2016 Team All-American Athlete of the Year

What is Team All-American? 
Team All-American is a movement of athletes from around the world whose common purpose is to become the best we are capable of becoming through world-class fitness programs. We believe all athletes at all levels deserve an opportunity to crush their biggest goals. Team All-American strives for program customization at its finest, designing each aspect specifically for the individual’s needs. We transform bodies by training the way Olympians do, ultimately awakening peak body, mind and spirit to improve the world. The unleashed peak performance leads athletes to discover their truth.

To make the world a better place by helping people become happier by attaining their goals, not just thinking about them.

Core Values:
Team All-American’s five core values embody our culture and commitment to doing what we believe in. By following these values, we remain focused and inspired to make decisions that best help people achieve their goals.

1. Better, Better, Better. We can achieve some amazing things in life if we just simply keep on getting better.

2. The Truth. We don’t sugarcoat. We say it like it is because we know that other people deserve honesty as much as we need to be honest.

3. World-Class. Our training programs are designed specifically to the needs of the individual athlete. We don’t do semi-custom or generic, but precision at its finest.

4. Professional. We treat our athletes like professional athletes. We guide them, but at the end of the day, we give them space to make the right decisions. Motivation comes from within.

5. Positive Vibes. We don’t yell at our athletes. We keep it positive. We are only here to serve them and help them become their best. We know that negativity doesn’t work.

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