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3 Months of Advanced Coaching

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3 Months of Advanced Coaching

$ 600.00 $ 750.00

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Welcome to The First Step in Maximizing Your Peak Performance

All Distances. All Levels. Anywhere.

Hi, this is Coach Scott. I hold all of the best certifications. I have coached athletes at all distances and all levels around the world since 2000 and have served as the coach of Team All-American since 2006. I have a proven track record for injury prevention and getting the best results possible. 

3 Months of Advanced Coaching Gets You:

I will be your coach. We’ll look at every detail leaving nothing to chance. I will remove all the guesswork and build you a customized training program that gets results. 

More specifically...

Crush Personal Records - Custom running and non-running workouts plus your entire schedule posted to your web/desktop/mobile training log. It will be designed, monitored and adjusted (if necessary) by me. 

Run Injury & Pain Free - Information, resources, and in-depth performance analytics so you are the best-prepared and most-informed athlete on the start line.

Eat Well - Exactly what to eat and when to eat it.

Lean Out - Everything you need to do.

Get Your Mind Right - Pre-race pep talks with pacing, hydration, fueling race strategy.

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