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Why A Custom Training Program?

As interest and access to running and racing has increased, so has the availability of broad and generic information about running online and beyond. But just as no two people’s fingerprints are the same, nor are two athletes’ mental and physical expressions and functions the same.

It makes sense, then, that two different adult athletes would not react identically to the same generic running plan or advice they might receive from a friend, book, magazine or even online.

Every athlete functions best when they are working to their maximum potential, which requires careful attention to that athlete’s individual running “fingerprint.”

Coach Scott and Team All-American are firmly rooted in the idea of a team of individuals. That is, the group is united through their connections with their teammates and coach, but each athlete has his/her own unique training plan.

(A training plan is a specific instruction on what to do physically each day.)


Custom Running Workouts

Basing running workouts on random internet searches is risky! Actually, there are specific avenues and training paths that bring the best out of certain individuals. Whereas one runner might thrive on speed work, another runner might gain fitness best with stamina work. This is where a generic running plan might promise an athlete results, but poses many risks—most athletes who follow generic advice may not even make it to a starting line due to injury, lack of accountability, and lack of proper specific training to help the athlete find their unique potential.

This is where Coach comes in.

One of the most exciting parts about Coach Scott’s job as a coach is growing with his athletes and coaching them to success, not just to the finish line. Through his years of experience coaching and training, Coach Scott crafts custom running plans for his Team All-American athletes. By taking the time to study and learn each member of Team All-American’s unique “fingerprint” as an athlete, Coach Scott is able to write unique running plans to transform the runner.

Most importantly, these running plans are monitored and adjusted to the individual. As the athlete progresses, so does Coach Scott’s plan for the athlete—this synergy is key. For example, a hill repeat workout with rest in between intervals might evolve into a hilly tempo run where there is no actual pause in running during the session.


Custom Non-Running Workouts

Running isn’t the only way to get good at running.

Running is a great way to get good at running, but it’s all the other facets of training and living that prevent injury and give Team All-American runners an extra physical and mental “edge” on race day.

In fact, through his research on and off the track, Coach Scott has found that time spent “off the track” is just as important as all those running-miles. That’s why Team All-American fosters a philosophy of dynamic athleticism—Coach Scott’s athlete’s weekly plans include off days, cross-training, weight lifting, mobile drills, recovery-specific work and mental imagery exercises.

Coach Scott’s custom non-running workouts target athlete’s specific intrinsic weaknesses to maximize their potential while running. For example, an athlete might have a weak core, causing them to lose their good posture late in the race. Coach Scott is also able to advise athletes about how to pick the right sneakers, what and when to eat and drink before, during and after a workout, and has the skills to analyze and address an athletes running efficiency through running-form analysis. Coach Scott uses the non-running aspect of his coaching to address these issues, which are particularly prominent in adult athletes.

The body is meant to run, but it is not necessarily naturally equipped on its own to handle all the wear and tear of the sport. Coach Scott’s extra attention to this detail of running is what makes his runners injury-free and performing at their best—it is what makes Coach Scott an athlete’s coach, not just a running coach.

If running were the only thing we did with our day, we could spend twelve hours at practice. We could sleep in, time our meals perfectly, drive to our favorite trail or track, and so on…but this isn’t the reality most of us are living! Coach Scott believes in customizing his training plans to the lifestyles and schedules of each of his athletes.

Coach Scott believes that running can and should fit in with your life, not work against it.

Before each training cycle, Coach Scott gathers information from his athletes about their unique life situation and how his training plan can best fit in. For example, if an athlete only has free time for a long run on a Monday, or has access to a track on particular days, or requests a particular day “off,” Coach Scott tailors the workout plan accordingly.

This is one of the most unique features of Team All-American, because it allows running to be synergistic with life. It alleviates stress and creates a positive energy around the training.

For a sport that is undoubtedly as mental as it is physical, finding a training plan that works uniquely with the athlete can make all the difference.

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